February 1, 2016

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founded in 1994, Topaz Dış Ticaret A.ş.  , particularly in electrical appliances and Heating industry, various industrial branches and their spare parts has been supplying part of the necessary equipment and machinery markets.  Our company, as of Foreign Trade Industry, which refers to the origin of this extension currently is supplying equipment and parts is also exported to countries around the same time. Such products are mostly Italian and partly from the far eastern origin.   Italy from CEME S.p.A.   the HTP S.r.l.  and ELTEK S.p.A.   ;  From the far East is the MOONS ' company delivering products and agency assume.  Our company, in the coming period, various contacts acquired over the years, except for the parts and equipment using your references, for example for a production, the route group is planning to show the activity of various software issues.   At the same time, the environment for the countries foreign trade of the aims.

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